Friday, August 2

Ever happen to you?!....

Has this ever happened to you?! ... last night I worked hard in the middle of the night (baby wasn't sleeping) to make these marshmallow minions to top cupcakes (see below) to take to my first meeting of a mommy and me group I joined...

anyway... I finished them up, wasn't super happy with ALL of them (see my notes on what to do different next time), but all in all I thought it would make a good first impression.

well, Elias was up every 1 to 2 hours! WTH!?! We woke so exhausted and was hoping he would be doing better (group was at 11).. but he just seemed to be fussy (understandable, I was fussy too!) and threw up his breakfast after a bit of a rant. we had to cancel going... now my minions are in the garbage because no way am I allowing myself to eat 25 of them! lol... has this every happened to you? you spend all this time on something and your kid gets sick?!

well, here's how they turned out (p.s. the bottoms aren't very clean but they were going to be pulled off the sticks sit on icing anyway)...

 here's the tutorial I followed (link) ... I didn't have blue fruit roll-ups so I used icing... didn't worry about the bottoms not being smooth, they were going to be sitting on icing.

- wish I had made my own black icing, the tube kind I found to be a bit watery and therefore, not that easy to control (aka lots of cursing and mess lol)
- add a little oil to the candy melts... makes it easier to coat

so since we had to miss group... off to the garbage, at least I hadn't done the icing on the cupcakes yet! :o(  ...I can't justify eating all of these lol... especially not post pregger weight! lol

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