Monday, August 12

I'm still alive ;) & Wine party inspiration

Quick update: So the little guy (for newbies - I have an 11 week old sweet little boy!) has had "sleep regression" - a.k.a. won't sleep for very long at all, for the past 2-3 weeks. It finally caught up to me, not sleeping more than an hour at a time, and I collapsed from exhaustion. Luckily I wasn't holding him and I only suffered minor scraps/bruises. So, I apologize that the blog has been suffering as much as I have! Thanks for sticking with me as I find my groove (aka sleep) again!

So in celebration of what I need since I can't get sleep... let's talk about wine!!! Don't forgot about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a wine party here (link)

Create a beautiful display of nibbles - nuts, fruit, crackers, etc.  Use neutral serving pieces (white, woods, etc) to let the food shine! Source

Create a useful (and beautiful!) pairing board! If you don't have slate... improvise! Use kraft paper/marker, white serving platter with chalkboard labels, etc.  Source

Create fun munchies... like these prosciutto wrapped bread sticks! Source

Use wine corks as fun accents.  Don't drink enough to have many? You can buy them here (link).  Source

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  1. We have all been there! Take care of yourself. We just got a puppy- just when I thoughti was done with pee and poop everywhere. Not comparing the two, our puppy (Gumbeaux) sleeps all night, thanks God!

    I love the small fun munchies. It would be fun to have a paring board preped for each guest, for their appetizers.

    1. thanks so much Melissa! And ugh, I remember puppy days! they aren't all fun either ;) many hugs!

    2. Hi! Did you hot glue the corks on?? They are on the inside?

    3. email address is

  2. I like the cork decor. How fun to drink all the wine to make enough for that ;)


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