Wednesday, October 2

Fall cupcakes - yep, that took 2 nights after work lol..

So trying to fit in baked goods with a career and a teething 4 month old is insane! My boss asked me to make desserts for today's work party, so here's what I made (below). It was the first time making both so felt a little nervous, but had great feedback!

Of course, like always, I forget to take a great shot at home and end up with a fast one that makes them not look grand lol...

Sweet Potato with toasted marshmallow frosting 
 - sweet potato recipe (link)
 - vegetarian marshmallow frosting recipe (link)

Vanilla with apple butter filling & butter cream frosting (and an "acorn")
 - vanilla cupcake recipe (link)
 - apple butter was store bought (gasp! lol)
 - butter cream frosting recipe (link)

Sweet potato ones... dense, ate like a meal - this was my favorite.  Not overly sweet, very moist and I loved having the marshmallow toasted (kitchen torch)

Vanilla apple butter ones... I am definitely saving this as my go-to vanilla cupcake and butter cream frosting, I really liked both.  The apple butter was too sweet for my liking, but then again, so are most apples lol.

What Fall goodies have you made so far? Leave a recipe link below!

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