Monday, October 7

More Halloween! - dark and creepy!

On a personal note... one word... teething. I am however, getting excited for Elias's first Halloween! He's gonna be a lion! Hope your Halloween planning is in full swing!

Here's some ideas to Frost your dark and creepy Halloween! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting ideas for your Halloween here (link

Who knew tree forms could take on such a creepy forest feel?! Dark feathers with pops of colors really works well against the sepia forest in the backdrop! Source

Bats hanging from craft hoops will create a whirl of excitement in the air! Source

What's more creepy than this?! ew! (in a good way!) Serve up some ribs with a red pepper "heart"! Source and tutorial

How about this dark and creepy cake pop display?!  Remember, your food doesn't have to be overly decorated if your display makes up for it! Source

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  1. Elias will make an adorable lion.
    Those trees are great and I love the backdrop.

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