Wednesday, November 11

Thanksgiving Ideas

It seems like there are only hours before Thanksgiving but thank goodness we have a little more time than that to put together a memorable day!  The menu and cooking takes up so much time, but make sure you add in a few unique items to really set the mood.  Hope these help inspire!

The best of both worlds - decorating with pumpkins AND flowers! This would make a dramatic centerpiece on it's own, but pair with smaller ones with different colors flowers - now the wow factor would be turned way up! Source

What a crazy adorable way to serve us cheese and grapes! This turkey would make the perfect addition to any buffet table! Source: parenting magazine

These layered cakes shaped like pumpkins are so beautiful! you can buy them (though very pricey) at  I think you could make this with a little patience... stack cake to make the initial shape, ice coat, then fondant, then press in the pumpkin "lines" and finish with a stem... we'll see if they can fit in my baking schedule!