Saturday, November 7

More Nature!

A few more things found along the way to make any NATURE inspired event beautiful! I need to ask a friend that lives near woods to "gift" me some branches and stumps to cut down for cake stands and coasters - they are so expensive to buy on-line! I have a miter saw, bring it on!

This beautiful tablescape simply uses twigs tied together to create a fall-tastic look! I am sure you can get these at any local craft store, but I know (because I have some!) you can get these very cheap if you have an Ikea close by.  Source:

These inexpensive placecard holders would be perfect for any outdoor party! I love the stamp work on each card and the use of copper wire to accent.  I could get making these this weekend if I get those free branches ;o)  Source

Most of the time it's not about how much it cost, it's about how you present it... another inexpensive, yet elegant display! Simple tin bucket with a little natural twine bow, filled with pistachios and a elegant scripted note that proclaims "nuts for each other" - how adorable! Source