Sunday, December 20

Winter Cupakes & Cookies

Every year I "adopt" a local teacher and ask for a list of items he/she needs for the classroom and be santa! We also make the class either Winter Cupcakes or Cookies. Here are some ideas from my library...

How could you eat this little guy? He makes me smile every time I pull up this file! This little penguin is mostly just chocolate covered marshmallows! Don't be overwhelmed to try, Ourbestbites gives you step-by-step instructions! (I love them!) Tutorial & recipe

These little guys are almost just as hard to eat! I really, really (REALLY!!!) want to start trying my hand at iced cookies - I vow after I return from our Christmas trip I am going to see if I can pick this up as another hobby! A tutorial can be found at one of my fav iced cookie blog (step-by-step instructions people! I love it!)

These polar bear cupcakes are super cute and super duper easy to make! Messy, but fun! They are two cupcakes frosted, rolled in coconut and put on their sides.  Add some candy and ta-da! And what makes it even easier!?! FamilyFun has a video tutorial! Source

This last one is a simple frosting pile decorated to look like a Christmas tree.  I am going to try this today, but I am going to put a sawed off end of a pointed ice cream cone underneath as a form to see how it turns out.  I'll post pics if it isn't a disaster lol! Source