Wednesday, January 13


I am so in love with my animal kingdom Cricut cartridge and have been eyeing up a few of these Safari/Zoo kid's party items to try - then I'll just need a kid and a party rofl! I can't wait to my bf son is here for the summer - he is going to be so sick of events so that I can show off my ideas!  These will be great for just a zoo trip, as well.   Just thought about my title - it's like animals - whether they are free to roam or caged in captivity - I'll stick with Safari/Zoo... sounds better and I don't need PETA to friend me on facebook ;o)

I thought these were just adorable - what a great way to dress up bags of animal crackers! Talk about a cheap favor! These would be great just to keep stashed in the car or pack for a zoo trip! You could personalize them with children's names or the event, etc.  And don't stop there, think of other treats that you could fancy-up the same way!  Source  Creator:  Heather Binnie

In a similar feel, these bookmarks would be a little extra something special to give with a book gift - especially if it were an animal themed book or even a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble.  You could even drop these in a favor bag. OH! you know what... make these in a bigger scale, cut a hole in the middle and you have an instant door hanger - that could be fun to put on the doors at the house during the party - I'll need to think about some cute sayings instead of "restroom" and "patio"... Source

I saw these chalkboard animal cutouts and thought, these would be so easy to do! If you put some temporary adhesive on the back you could put them up just for the party.  Another idea would be to go to the local craft store and get an artist's board (kinda like a big clipboard) and adhere them on there - you could take it on the road! If you just want to purchase, they are actually from Barnes & Noble (of all places) online - but it'll cost ya about 50 bucks for the collection... Source

Now, I am not usually a fan of plastic decorations for cakes... but I'll make an exception this time.  I really, really loved how the did the vegetation under each animal (that's why let it slide ;o)  Plus, for those that aren't crafty, you need options too!  Source

I consider myself a pretty good amateur cake decorator, but this cake even intimidates me! But I had to include it because I really fell in love.... Source