Monday, January 11

Callin' all cowgirls! (or boys....)

A friend requested some ideas for her tween daughter's bday. She is an avid horse rider and lover of all things horses (I believe she even owns a real one!). Here are some ideas I think may inspire her... I think if you play with colors, you can make any of these we go - Callin' all cowgirls (or boys...)

I really think this would be THE perfect cake for her! (Tina, get to practicing your fondant work!).  I love that they thought out-of-the-box and didn't do a horse... and of course, put a 1st place ribbon! Source

These horse cookies are super cute and you can really personalize them with the kids names, initials or how old the child is turning. Source

I didn't think I would ever come across a horse's head that didn't seem like the mafia was visiting on your bday - but ta-da! I really love this one.  I think the pastel colors really make it girly and playful and not like you owe somebody money heehee... Source

How adorable (and inexpensive YEAH!) is this?!? Hello, bandanna with a coordinating strip of another bandanna with each child's name on it... or happy birthday or whatever you would like.  Then tie another coordinating color on and you have a great placeholder or party favor.... or if it is outside, fill them with sand and use them as table cloth holder-oners (nice word, lol).   Source unknown (help!)

You can also sew (or in my case use no-sew!!!) bandannas together to make an adorable table runner to keep with your theme.   If you look really closely at the pile of plates, you can see they took little cuts of bandannas and tied them around the napkins, FAB!  Source

No horse party would be complete without horseshoes! Whether you just play a game of horseshoes or put one out for each child as a placecard.  you could also put the name of each dish on the buffet, as well.  These also would be a great tablecloth holder if the event is outside (not here in DE it's in the teens! UGH! Take me somewhere warm, PA-LEASE!)  Source

Lastly, but certainly not least! Cowgirl cookie mix from my favorite blog site Bakerella... she is the best!  These would be great favors or even invites - how cute would it be to put an "ingredient" label on the back that had the invitation information?  To keep with your theme from above, you might want to add a piece of a pink bandanna to the topic instead.  Source and recipe