Thursday, January 21

Asian Theme (Part 1)

A friend requested ideas for a Thai baby shower... after doing some research, I would most suggest vibrant oranges and reds and possibly some of these Asian Theme items...

I fell in love with this invitation long before this request! The colors are so beautiful and really pop on the white background.  The elephants are perfect because they are a symbol of good luck.  Source  Maybe I'll try my hand at making one similar this weekend with my bff - the cricut ;o)  I'll post a pic if I can come up with something!

To keep with the elephant theme, placing one on each place setting would be perfect! These are wooden which would be a beautiful keepsake; however, you know what would be cheaper and delicious... chocolate DUH! ;o)  There are tons of molds available (Example).  You could even make soap elephants and like yesterday's post, make crayon elephants to keep any kids occupied if they were invited.  Source

In keeping with the Asian theme, tying chopsticks with each napkin in a coordinating ribbon would really bring some color to the table.  You could provide each guest with nice chopsticks or just purchase a bag of wooden ones which usually runs only a few bucks (I know we keep them around in our home though my boyfriend can't seem to master them lol!).  Source

How special would it be to do some placecards or buffet cards that had the mom-to-be native language on it?  Maybe write ทารก (baby in Thai) on each card where you see the writing on these place cards.  You could print it out on the computer or if you don't write like me, you could free hand it - get creative!  Source

Instead of a traditional "diaper" cake, why not whip up one with matching fabric and put a cluster of lucky bamboo in the middle! I know you can stop in your local IKEA and pick up bamboo stalks pretty cheap.  My local grocery stores usually carry planted bamboo, as well.  It would be nice for the mom-to-be to have a take away plant to remind her of what a beautiful shower you threw her! Source