Friday, January 22

Asian Theme (Part 2)

Before we get on to part two of the Asian Theme baby shower... we got my engagement ring sized and picked up today... I have a feeling it will be realllll soon! keep posted for I will force everyone to let me brag I am sure ;o).... so... on to a few more ideas for the Asian Theme baby shower request.... I feel almost too cliche' to post fortune cookies and sushi, but I really loved these...

I figured you could use coordinating paper and make fortunes that were baby related or even information about the mom.  For the lady this post is for - maybe even get real creative and put Thai words and pronunciations on the back like real fortune cookies do with Chinese (there are a lot of online translators will rock it out for you).  You could fill a box up like the pic shows and put on each table or even just one on a buffet table or favor bag. First pic: Source
Second pic shows a quick tutorial of how to make the paper fortunes  Source

These are adorable! I have seen many "mock" Sushi but not sashimi! Are you kidding! Hello!?!? Don't these make you chuckle!?!? Swedish fish strapped with rollups! Source The sushi I thought were great and more simple than a lot I have seen - rice crispy treats (which I have a soft spot for!) wrapped in fruit roll-ups. Source

Lastly - These are washcloths rolled with socks on the outside with felt embellishments.  Too adorable! Another thought is to figure out something else to roll that you could use as party favors for each guest - maybe women's knee highs? or something? Or just maybe make the sushi above for the favor.  Till then...I think I am off to see if I have the ingredients for rice crispies right now lol...  Source

Stay tuned for part 3 of Asian theme....

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