Tuesday, January 19

Crayon Art Party

Ugh, home sick from work today - only good thing is maybe I will feel up to playing with all my adult arts and crafts (scrapbooking, cardmaking or maybe even try cutting fondant on my cricut *scared*!)... I figured today's party theme could be art - so you have kids, here are some ideas to make a great Crayon Art Party... if not as soon as I feel better, I think I should throw a grown-up art party! ...girls only though! Lots of glitter, glue, stamps and wine, of course!

I love the idea of this simple craft lazy susan! It would be great at the art party or even in a play or craft room.  The Source says you can buy at Pottery Barn for about 50 bucks (gasp!) or make her Ikea conversion for about 15!!  At that price you could make two! ... About 8 bucks for the lazy susan and a buck a piece for the pails.  The pails are just glued down - you could use a drill with a round cutter (like for a door knob) if you wanted to get real crafty.  Source shows a full tutorial.  Another idea would be to glue smaller containers for painting or chocolate "painting".... Enjoy!

You see these melted crayon ideas all over the internet.  I think it would be fun to melt them into a shape that best represents the party - maybe letters or cake shaped or cupcake shaped! Candy molds and cake tins are really endless these days. As a favor for the party, you could put a few into a clear bag and put a little topper on it in the theme of the party.  They are super simple to make - just melt crayons in a "double boiler" type setup on the stove, pour into molds, let set, ta-done! If you don't want to fuss - you can buy them on etsy - Source

I looked forever trying to find a crayon wrapped vase, and this is the best I could come up with.  I would do a more colorful arrangement, but you get the idea.  With putting the crayons around, you could use any object - a box, a soup can, etc because you wouldn't see it.  Source

Another idea... what if you did a stand like this for the cake or cupcakes you'll serve! Would even be cute if you made a box or bin covered in crayons that held art supplies on your table! I would just recommend gluing a piece of felt to the bottom to ensure there are no crayon tracks created by accident!

What's a party without cake hello!?!?  I love these two options!  Both options you would use food coloring to dye each yellow cake to the desired color and bake separately, then assemble using yummy icing goodness!  The second option you just kind of "plop" a little of each dyed cake mix together (and do not stir) and then bake so you get the color swirl.  Another idea would be to bake cupcakes out of each color or if you didn't want to mess with that, you could just do regular cupcakes and top each one with a different color frosting (but remember, colored icing equals colored faces and tongues (which is fun too lol).  Source 1Source 2

This was too much fun not to mention... Every kid (and adult) loves a moonbounce! Why not try and see if you can rent this model from one of your local party rental places! Because some kids might come to the party without socks on - maybe do a gift bag or set out a basket filled with different solid colored socks.  How fun would it be to get a picture of all the kids feet lined up wearing a pair of different colored socks! Source