Saturday, January 23


So my man is more impatient than even I! We just picked up my ring yesterday.... and he proposed last night! With all these diamonds, I definitely feel FROSTED!  Couldn't figure out how to capture the sparkle with the camera, so these are my best pics... and no comments on needing a manicure! lol!


  1. WOW!!! Congratulations!! I love your rings!Im so jealous, they look stunning!!


  2. I am in serious love with this ring, Kim!! Congrats. I want one, it's just so perfect. Did you design it yourself?


  3. Thanks!! @J+S - We actually found it at our local Jared Jewelers (I know they have them across the US). We were looking for something a little vintage but modern - something I could give a grandson for his finance kind of thing - timeless. And the pics don't do it justice if I may say so! Thanks for the post!!!

  4. You went to Jared! hahaha. Seriously, though, gorgeous ring and love the ideas on your blog! :)

  5. @Lyndsey lol! My fiance says that all the time - and thanks for the blog love!


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