Tuesday, January 26


I shouldn't say that feeling like a fat cow today inspired this post rofl... but I think it did! Some days you just feel 800 lbs more than what you are! ;o) ... I think a great kids theme is barnyard.  It's so versatile and you can really go all out or go simple and it'll turn out great.  I did this theme for my nephew when he turned 1 five years ago, but we flew down to FL to do his party and I wasn't the experience party enthusiast I am now and couldn't really pack much for the plane so it wasn't something I could brag about now, but I have included two pics from the party anyway...

Every great party starts off with a great invite! I thought these invites were just so simple, yet so perfect! The barn doors open up to reveal the party information.  Source

To match your invites, create a barn door on a wall - interior or exterior.  Set up a stool or haystack (even better) in front to have the kids have their pictures taken.  Pass out straw hats as part of the party favors to make the pictures extra cute! Maybe even put a few farm stuffed animals around to finish off the scene.  Source

This is a pic from the party I threw my nephew.  I blew up white balloons and colored "cow spots" on with a permanent marker.  Super simple (and easy to pack in the suitcase!).
I thought that feed bags would be really cute but I didn't have a sewing machine at the time... I took pieces of burlap and stapled them all the way around with a regular office stapler - no lie! - and turned them inside out and put bandannas in them and wrote "FEED" on them.  No one ever knew my "no sew" secret (until now) lol...


  1. oh i love what you did with the cow balloons...REALLY cute!
    and the feed bags are adorable with the bandanas...i don't sew either...*giggling*
    GREAT ideas with the barnyard door/backdrop for pictures...
    and of course the invites...LOVE'em...
    you are mighty creative girly...
    thanks for visiting my blog & commenting...

  2. Thanks for the shout-out...this was one of my favorite parties! Keep an eye out, I'm working on his 2nd(!!!) birthday party.

  3. The cow balloons are great! I am going to remember the stapler trick for quick party things! Ingenious!

  4. Adorable..The feed bags are so clever!

  5. I'm totally stealing the burlap bag idea. I'll send u a pic !


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