Wednesday, January 27


I came across the cutest cake today so I wanted to put together Dinosaurs theme post so I could pass him along! I know you'll fall in love with him too!!!

First set up a great party with theme items like hats and safety glasses so they feel like real archaeologists!  Brown postal wrapping paper would be a great tablecloth and find a few dinosaur stamps and stamp feet prints and fossils all over it - something you kid can help you do in preparing for their party!  Maybe even create little name tags in plastic holders (like you wear at a conference) for each child with their name and title of "archaeologist". Source

You can find a recipe for making your own "dig" material at this site

Create fun dinosaur fossil shortbread cookies by using toy dinosaurs as imprinters... plus you'll be able to use the dinosaurs as decorations afterward!  You could even dip the cookie backside down into melted chocolate to have it look like dirt and give it more dimension.  Source found via Edible Craft website

Homemade dinosaur eggs would be a great addition to the party! You can make this with or without dinosaur figures inside. Source and recipe (thanks for letting me know! Your eggs are too cute!!)
Ok, I am a sucker for cake... but tell me you don't love him too!?!?! If you break it down, he really isn't overly complicated and I LOVE LOVE the mini cupcakes with the eggs on them! I am going to do a graduation cake this weekend and was thinking to do the same model - one show piece cake and then a ton of mini cupcakes - that way my hard work gets to last longer lol...  Source