Sunday, January 24

Asian Baby Shower Party Ideas/Theme (Part 3)

Ugh! So sore this morning - exercised last night (that's where I went wrong rofl) and feeling muscles I forgot existed under layers of fat ;o) ... Anyway, here is a final conclusion to the Asian Theme baby shower (or any asian party for that matter).  Not saying we won't revisit Asian themes down the line ;o)  I have included a few recipes (by request).

Kind of a follow-up to the fortune cookies - this example of a take home box was too cute not to post.  I like the unexpected twist of not putting them in a chinese takeout box - plus it lets you be extra crafty! Source

Another idea is these cherry blossom (or any other theme you could make them) favor pillow boxes.  You could put Thai teas or Thai coffee in them for the Thai themed shower or coordinate them with whatever theme you are having.  I have a die cut for my Big Shot that does pillow boxes - I don't have one for my cricut, but that doesn't mean there isn't one! I am sure you can buy blank ones at the craft store or the internet.  These kinds of favors are great because you can really personalize them and fill them with coordinating goodies.  Source

What's a shower without cupcakes!?!?! hello!  I thought these might make a great pairing with the invitations on the previous post.  Obviously you would do them in coordinating colors to make the theme really pop! These are also great because they are simple and only require a cookie cutter or you could use an elephant chocolate mold.... anywhere you can fit more chocolate in, do it! Source

I want to shy away from posting recipes because unless you try them first hand, there isn't anything to report... but since it was requested... here are some traditional Thai recipes (untried!) that would be great for anyone's palate.  First pic - Miang Kum a traditional appetizer - shrimp lettuce wrap kinda deal - Source  Second pic Thai flavored chicken skewers Source  Third pic is Thai mango sticky rice pudding (sounds fab!)  Source  and lastly because we all need a drink sometimes! is a Thia mango cocktail Source

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