Friday, January 29


There's nothing I like more than a reason to drink champagne in the morning! lol... I'm talking mimosas at Brunch!  Something I find to be easier, cheaper and usually better for everyone's schedule is brunch instead of dinner parties.We love to entertain so we have an vast array of hotplates and buffets which makes preparing for brunch a lot easier.  Here are some cute ideas to wow your guests....

I feel like these mini hotcakes represent what I am trying to capture with this blog... pancakes boring... mini hotcakes with skewer, blueberry, mint leaf and warm syrup EXCITING! I find it so much fun thinking of ways to present - it really changes everything! Source

Again, same thing... reinvent - these are french toast kabobs... use raspberries, bananas, blueberries... whatever you love! Not only does it look fantastic, it will really stretch the fruit and save the budget! Source

I thought this was too cute - donut holes on a stick.... best part - you can pick up a kabob with 5 or 6 donuts on it and count it as one... instead of standing in the brunch line stacking up donut holes while everyone eyes up how much room your hips are taking up ;o)  Source

Last but not least... pancake bars! What a great idea! hello!?!?!? why haven't I thought of this! Not only would this be great for a brunch, but also for every day.  Imagine popping on in the microwave for a few seconds and chowing down on the drive to work!?  My drive is only approx 4 min, but I bet I could finish one ;o)   You could even get crafty and make coordinating holders to match a theme.  Source - Baked Apple Streusel Pancake Bars Recipe