Monday, February 1

Wise Owl...

Yesterday I spent all day on a graduation cake and mini cupcakes for my cube-mate Diana - Congratulations on her graduation from her Master Program!

He's my first attempt at doing a sculpture cake and boy did it show! approx 7 hours from cake to fondant dying to cutting to assembly, ugh! But in the end, I think I did pretty well ;o)  Inspiration is from a cake book ironically called "50 Easy Party Cakes" by Debbie Brown.  SO WASN'T EASY!!! lol...  I tried to model pretty close to the picture in the book.  I did add "lines" on each of his feather petals (they made them plain in the book) to make it more like feathers.

I put him with a black wrapping paper covered cake board with two kinds of mini cupcakes - chocolate with buttercream icing and chocolate chips and the other chocolate with a peanut butter buttercream frosting with crushed peanuts on top.  Figured everyone could munch on those and not cut into the owl ;o)  Diana named him Charlie!