Saturday, January 23

More Nature Inspired Wedding...

So now that I am engaged (OMG!!!), I felt it appropriate to post more Nature Inspired Wedding stuff since that will be our theme.  Enjoy! (and thanks for all the blog love I have been getting! Totally makes my day!)

I love LOVE the vibrant colors of this arrangement and the flowers (what are they?) spilling over the side... but I love even more they used a tree stump as the vase!  I thought how fantastic would this be to do and then be able to have the tree stumps around the house after the wedding as a reminder - beats a dried bouquet in a curio cabinet, right?  Source

(you see a tree obsession forming don't you? ;o)  I love birch trees - their bark is so beautiful! I thought that this placecard holder would look so beautiful on a nature-scaped table (don't think I would just lay it in the dirt like the pic lol).  Source

This arrangement really caught my eye - I think not only the play on contrasting colors, but different sizes and texture of flowers really makes this one POP! I really like the use of succulents in the arrangement as well.  Really should inspire all of us to try something new and different in arrangements - and not just for a special day! I love having fresh flowers around the house (when I have the extra to spend ;o)  So treat yourself if you man doesn't get them for you! I wish I had a flower garden where I could look forward to picking my own - maybe I'll have to try my hand at growing a few things (besides veggies) this year! I am SOOO craving Spring right now! Source

I have seen a lot of these flower "balls" on my web travels.  I really like the ones that are solid colored flowers - there's a simple understatement they make.  I have seen them anywhere from hanging in trees over an event, to like here, on the back of a chair or even from a chandelier.  If you did different sized balls, you could put them in clusters on a table.  And think more than wedding! What if you did pink or blue carnation balls for a baby shower or balls to put around for a tea cup party theme for a little girl.  Carnations are not very expensive at all, so feel free to indulge! Source

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