Friday, January 15

More Valentine's

I just finally finished making my first Valentine Card for the year (yeah, I know most crafty crafters started on December 26th ;o)  I have been doing nothing but organizing the craft spending binge I was on for about 4 weeks straight! Here are a few more Valentine's Day things to keep it heavy on our minds!

I have seen these posted a lot around, but hey, I'm posting them too! lol... I love the finished look of a macaroon and the deep red color of these really has my heart (pun intended!).  I think these would be beautiful to bake for your family or wrapped up as a gift - just don't forget to save yourself a few... quality control tasting purposes of course!  Source

This was my favorite find lately... it's plastic play food! How much fun would this be to give to a child in your life on Valentine's day? Sure beats chalky candy hearts! And really reasonably priced on Amazon

These are really well decorated iced cookie hearts on a popsicle stick... but what if you made them a little thicker and slide a straw thru them before fully set out of the oven? ... now I haven't tried this, but it sure sounds like an easy idea! If not, how about you make a dozen and put them in a bouquet with a nice big ribbon around them or even in a vase like shown.  (I missed the source on this one, let me know if you know!)