Monday, January 18

Tree inspired...

So we started ring shopping yesterday (BIG GRIN!) so my mind is on a wedding of course! We know that it will be nature inspired theme so bear with all the nature postings ;o) Here are some Tree inspired ideas...they would translate well into garden parties too.

The table setting is so simple, but yet so elegant! Instead of a fabric runner, it's a beautiful piece of distressed wood.  Anyone who has prepared for a party has enough energy and frustration (heehee) while preparing to distress a new piece of wood and then stain it to look like it's reclaimed.  Beautiful and stress relieving! Source

Again, another simple idea - wood coasters.  You could even do these as favors wrapped up with twine and have some kind of tag about the event/wedding.  I want to make these for my house! If you don't have a miter saw, I think you can find them on Etsy, but I tried my hardest but couldn't locate them.  Picture Source

This is such a clever idea! Just punch initials into leaves! This would even be great at Thanksgiving with fall leaves! Don't stop there! Think of other things you could punch a simple initial into for great impact!  I purchased a alphabet punch set at my local crafting store.  Source