Thursday, February 4

Football (Part 2)

Enjoying the sunshine today before the gloom of snow drama tomorrow! We are preparing our grocery list to go today after work before everyone panics and shows up at the market at the same time! Here is my second installment of Football party ideas...enjoy!

Ok, how dang creative is this!?!?  Twinkies, chips and popcorn, dips and cheese, ta-da! Football stadium! Definitely wins my vote of most creative football food I have seen! Source

I have seen these posted on a lot of blogs - but I couldn't resist including them.  We LOVE deviled eggs but don't seem to ever think to make them during the winter months, so this is a perfect opportunity! Source

My motto is no party is complete without cupcakes! So here are some fun ones! You could top these with the oreo truffles from yesterday! Source

Lastly, a few extra touches... make beer "tags" with different field positions and wrap paper that looks like a football field around the napkins.  Source

Football (Part 1) link