Wednesday, February 3

Football (Part 1)

Well, I am sooo not into Football, but any reason to throw a party is a good enough for me! I am sure all the guys don't appreciate the details, but here are a few cute ideas for us girls to enjoy ;o)  I would love to do a party, but rumor is we are going to get hit with a BIG snow storm this weekend, so looks like I will have to lock myself in the craft room and make something instead!

 These would make great bite-sized sandwiches - sausage with oozing cheese and everyone will enjoy how well they compliment the beer ;o)  Source

YUM! Whoopie pies! This was ingenious - made by using egg shaped muffin pan!  Hmmm... and the shape is inspiring me - maybe you could recycle this one for dinosaur eggs too? Source

Every man (and woman!) loves oreos, so why not crush them up and dip them in chocolate - hello!?!? delicious! I think you could recycle this one for Easter, as well and decorate them as Easter eggs.  Source and instructions