Tuesday, February 2


Sitting and waiting for yet ANOTHER snow storm,ugh! This is Delaware! we shouldn't have this much snow! Today's post will hopefully help inspire a cute little boy's party with the theme of Monsters...

This cute monster puppet inspired the post! It might be cost prohibitive to buy one for each kid but maybe just a few around for decoration and your child could keep them to play with afterward.  Source

These would make a great project for the kids to do! Paper bag puppets!  The come in a pack of 12 and the kids can just assemble! The one with his tongue sticking out is my favorite! Source:  www.birthdayinabox.com

Decorating little pails as monsters would be tons of fun, too! Source

Put out some marshmallows, chocolate in different colors and dyed coconut and let them make these adorable monsters!  I have a container of these candy eyes from my local craft store at Halloween time - I am sure you could find them online if needed.  Source

These semi-homemade guys are labeled as Valentine monsters, but I think they would work well at this party too! Made with those "snowball" snack cakes, cookies and licorice - these would be easy for mom or the kids to make! Source and directions

Lastly, these brain eating slug monsters would be great to serve as dessert! Kids love anything that grosses them out, that is for sure! Source


  1. I just threw a monster party for my son's 4th birthday and we used a couple of these things! I lucked out and did it when Target had their dollar section FULL of monster goodies. Love all of these ideas- too cute!

  2. Thanks Sara! You should send pics!! I love Target dollar section! but not as much as I love your blog! You guys are SO my go-to recipe site! (for everyone else) link: http://www.ourbestbites.com/


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