Monday, February 15

Sailboat (Part 1)

You ever have those days where no matter how much coffee or diet soda, you just can't get focused and productive? That's today!! Had trouble picking a theme for today - so I looked through my files to see what I was hoarding the most of - and that was frosting for Sailboat themed parties...

This pic totally makes me crave melons! Don't you find you stop eating any fruit during the winter months?! I have apples and oranges in the fridge, but I seem to keep eating the cheese that is stored next to them instead lol.  These could be used as placecards or just to dress up the food buffet.   Source:  Southern Living Mag   July 2009

Another food idea - make "tuna boats" with lettuce and cheese "sails".  I love the idea of setting them up in a scene and the little fish thrown around!  Source unknown

Throw some life saves into a bowl, add a marker "for your safety, please take a Life Preserver" or just label "life preserver"... how cute!  I love food labels - especially when you can tie things into your theme!  Source

Don't forget to dress up desserts too! Boat shaped ricecrispy treats would be a great serve or wrapped up with some nautical looking rope and cellophane as favors.  Source

You guys have to know my cupcake obsession by now! ... even the most weary of fondant could pull off this one! The best thing I have found to cut straight lines on cookie dough or fondant or whatever is a pasty scraper.  A knife seems to pull too much or leave marks from the blade.  Source

....there now...time to go snuggle up on the couch and not be productive ;o)