Monday, February 22

Pink Baby Shower (Part 1)

I just got a call to plan a pink-themed baby shower on a TIGHT budget! I am excited to start! Here are a few peeks at my inspiration so far...  I promise to post more and to post pics of the party (it's not until mid March).  Check out Facebook for the most adorable cookies...

I love this idea... these days you can get onsies at the dollar store!  I can either cut out paper or fabric "BABY" and hang it for a great and inexpensive banner! Source

Not really pumpkin season, but trying to think outside the box - I LOVE how these turned out and would really dress up a table for very little money! Maybe I can do different sized fruits - cantaloupe, apples, etc...  Source

This adorable washcloth cake would look stunning! I love the idea of the wash/burp cloths instead of diapers - since diapers have designs now and it kind of takes away from the look.  And how fantastically elegent does it look on the cake stand!!?!? The Source has a tutorial on how to do the elephants too!!!

This is SUCH a fun game to food tasting! Ensure to add some not so tasty flavors! Person that guesses the most wins! Source

 Haven't picked the cupcake design yet, but these are a contender! The different faces are so cute! Source


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I love your site. I will be coming back!!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the onsies idea!!! Too cute! Thanks for sharing

  3. LOVE your site!!! glad i found it!

  4. i just added your button to my blog b/c i really think you have awesome vision and design talents. :)

  5. The embellished pumpkins are awesome..I think fruit or balls could work...Love the onesie garland..I would freak if I had to eat baby food..LOL!xo
    for you:)
    Kristy @

  6. All of these ideas are just too precious! Loving the baby face cupcakes!!!

  7. So glad you left me a comment so I could follow you here!!! Love your blog!! And those pink pumpkins are THE cutest!

  8. Those baby girl cupcakes are too cute for words. Thanks for sharing!

  9. super cool and just the swetest cupcakes ever!!!


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