Monday, February 22

Pink Baby Shower (Part 1)

I just got a call to plan a pink-themed baby shower on a TIGHT budget! I am excited to start! Here are a few peeks at my inspiration so far...  I promise to post more and to post pics of the party (it's not until mid March).  Check out Facebook for the most adorable cookies...

I love this idea... these days you can get onsies at the dollar store!  I can either cut out paper or fabric "BABY" and hang it for a great and inexpensive banner! Source

Not really pumpkin season, but trying to think outside the box - I LOVE how these turned out and would really dress up a table for very little money! Maybe I can do different sized fruits - cantaloupe, apples, etc...  Source

This adorable washcloth cake would look stunning! I love the idea of the wash/burp cloths instead of diapers - since diapers have designs now and it kind of takes away from the look.  And how fantastically elegent does it look on the cake stand!!?!? The Source has a tutorial on how to do the elephants too!!!

This is SUCH a fun game to food tasting! Ensure to add some not so tasty flavors! Person that guesses the most wins! Source

 Haven't picked the cupcake design yet, but these are a contender! The different faces are so cute! Source