Thursday, May 20

BBQ Party Ideas

I can't wait to finish my dang backyard retaining wall/sitting area project so I can have a BBQ! BBQs are so much fun because you can keep the food simple and fast!  Here are a few fun ideas to frost your next BBQ!

 Why not do a silly invite! Cut out shapes of food and put them on a kabob skewer! You could also do one that looked like BBQ sauce or a BBQ grill - get creative! Source

Why not use cucumbers as vases?  Core out the insides and use a peeler to create a pattern on the outside! Add a ribbon or decorative touch and you have a unique centerpiece! Cut a few at different heights and cluster them for a more dramatic look or use squash, eggplant, etc to add some color! Source and tutorial found via accenttheparty blog.

Get a matching napkin weight! We all need something to hold them down! They come in so many different styles these days and make a great hostess gift!
You could make this easy DIY plastic grill to use as a prop, extra serving or just for the kids to play on! Source and tutorial

Are these not fantastic?!? Little aprons for bottles with a little straw holder! I am not sure I have the patience, but these would be so cute! You could modify to do ballerina, princess, farmer (etc) ones to match your next party theme! Source and tutorial

These are CUPCAKES!!!! How fun are these?!? Topped with jellybeans these would make adorable desserts for your next BBQ!  From Hello, Cupcake book pg 24