Tuesday, July 6

Special Guest Post - Giveaway Announcement!

I am so thrilled that Kim has asked me to be her guest blogger today. Like all of you I am a huge fan of Frost Me and Kim of course, so being here is a real honor for me!

My name is Pamela Smerker, otherwise known as Party Starters.  I invite all of you over to my blog for my 1st Birthday Celebration! I am celebrating with guest bloggers, party tips from the pros as well as prizes (one of which is from Kim). SO hop on over after you finish up here!

I would also like to share some of my "Hazardous Teen" birthday party photos (per Kim's request) with you today... PARTY TIME!!!

I created this party for my 13 year old son, first of all to celebrate him becoming a teenager and also to really challenge myself as a handmade party ware designer...

Once boys hit about 10 years old they are done with the cartoon inspired parties and trying to come up with themes for them gets rather difficult...

SO, I asked me son, Tyler what kind of theme would he like for his party. His response " I like the Biohazard symbol, green is my favorite color and I want to give my friends Toxic Waste candy". Talk about a challenge, but I was ready to think outside of the box and come up with something DIFFERENT!...

So this is what I created... I created the banners, labels, candy wrappers, food, cupcake picks and yes the green ooze hanging from the ceiling. 

This was really a ton of fun to make and the response from the boys (ages 10 -17) at the party made it all worth while. They LOVED it!

 I even dressed up the door...

 ...and created special "oozing" cupcakes!


  1. That is such a neat idea! How did you make the ooze from the ceiling?

  2. Wow! What a great party theme! Boys party themes could be a bit of a challenge but they could be very unique!

  3. Super cool & slimy..My boys would looooove this one.

  4. cool party I love the oozing cupcakes!!! I am a new follower from party starters...

  5. I loved it. So creative and funny and cool. really great job!Loved the "oozing" cupcakes too.

  6. Oh, the oozing cupcake is a nice touch to round out the theme!

  7. What did you use for the ooze in the cupcakes? :)


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