Thursday, September 16

More Halloween Party Inspiration

Always love thinking about Halloween! Here are a few more ways to Frost your Halloween party this year!  p.s. did you check out everyone's party links?

I love this setup! Sometimes you forget to think about lanterns for holiday decorating, but look at the "boo!" so cute! And the spiders on the drink bowl - so clever! Source

Bats on finials would be a great decorations and you could let your guests take one home! I think they would be easy to make - trip to the hardware store, glue and some bats - you could pull this off! Source

I love fun new approaches to decorating pumpkins - this might be one of my favs! Almost 200 bucks! But you could do the same with some some supplies from the craft store! Source

Awesome dessert for your party! Never go wrong with cheesecake, right?!? Super simple to create the bats and impress your guests! Source and recipe