Tuesday, October 12

Dinosaur Party ideas/inspiration

Don't forget to check out older (but still fresh!) Frosting for a dinosaur theme!

here are some more ways to Frost your event!

Cute idea for a homemade invite! Dinosaur egg that you "crack open" to reveal all the details! Source

I love these little signs used around the buffet - "carnivore" diet - how fun and educational! Source

You can usually find these wood puzzles at the dollar stores and craft stores - why not use them creatively around the space - try using them to hold buffet cards! You can use them as your craft activity, as well.  Source

These are hot for Halloween... but use the bones for your dinosaur party! Source and tutorial

Every kid needs a pair of dinosaur feet! Source and tutorial


  1. Those are some big 'ol bones, leave it to Martha!

  2. I love the wooden puzzles...not only is it a cute take-away..it's a great activity for the kids to do at the party!

  3. Your post, plus my (other) SIL's facebook link (http://www.jimspancakes.com/2010/09/3d-dinosaur-bones-pancake/) has me yet-again wishing I had a little man to shower with parties!


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