Tuesday, October 26

More Halloween ideas/inspiration: Creepy!

Here is the post that I thought I had saved for yesterday! ugh!  ...it so close to Halloween! Are you ready?!?

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These would be perfect creepy invites! A little "blood" on a handkerchief and you have the perfect way to invite your guests! (save this one for a Twilight or Murder Mystery party!) Source

Brain cupcakes! ewwww and creepy! but oh so fun! Brains are made just with icing! (save for your Mad Scientist party ideas too!) Source and tutorial

ewwwww!!! How fantastically nasty are these?!? heehee... the kids would go crazy over these! Popcorn balls with pecans or "cockroach clusters"! (Save this idea for your bug themed party, as well!) Source and tutorial

another ewww! but these peanut butter truffle balls might make me second guess turning up my chance at eating eye balls! Super well done! (save this one for your mad scientist party too!) Source and tutorial



  1. Love the invites! You laugh about the cockroach clusters, but I came across a whole host of literal dried, flavored bugs {gag} in an online candy store. Had we but known Lauren and I could've served those up for the bug party over the summer. Ew!


  2. These are all very cool/gross. But cooler than gross. You know what I mean. :)


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