Wednesday, October 27

More Halloween ideas/inspiration!

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Ok, I feel like I am on a Halloween marathon, but I can't help myself!!!

Don't forget to create a fantastic photo op area! This one would make such a fun Halloween card! (also check out the rest of her amazing party - girl knows how to put on a good time!) Source

if you aren't smiling, there's something wrong with you! This is too stinking cute! LOVE this banner! Source and tutorial

Don't forget the details!!! Cute labels and a spider ring around a water bottle (how simple, but genius!!!) Source

omg - one of my TOTAL weaknesses! 7 layer dip!!! This would be perfect to make or to bring to a Halloween party! Pipe the sour cream on in a piping bag (or cut off corner of plastic baggy), add a plastic spider and a cauldron for chips - love it! Source and recipe

Ending on a sweet note... these mummy cake pops are sure to delight your guests (hello, they are cake pops - EVERYone loves cake pops!) Simply put on a lolli stick, dip in chocolate, then dot on eyes with edible markers, then swirl on some more chocolate! Source



  1. LOVE THAT DIP......sadly, mine wouldn't look half as pretty but I'd eat it so quickly, nobody would know anyway!

  2. that dip looks fantastic!!

    Love the water labels too (I actually made some super simple ones for our party)!!

  3. love the mummy cake pops. I made eyeballs and ghost cake pops this year for my kids to take to school. Wish I had thought of the mummies.

  4. Thank you for the mention! I appreciate your kind words!

  5. WOW! That dip looks amazingly good and fairly simple to create!

  6. love the dip idea. I used it for my pumpkin carving party. I posted it and the other "spooky" foods we did here:

    1. cute setup! I love your veggie skeleton!

      hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  7. I love the dip. Think I will try it


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