Monday, October 11

More Halloween party ideas/inspiration

It has been so beautiful here! Fall is definitely in the air and I am LOVING it!!! Halloween in sneaking up on us fast! so here are some more ideas to Frost your Halloween party! (don't forget older, but still fresh! Frosting for Halloween!)

Love this tabletop! Look closely at all the great features! Great use of color, pattern, varying heights and against a black background really makes everything POP! Source

These test tubes would coordinate with the table above perfectly! Great favor for your guests, too! The names for each she came up with me crack me up! (click on pic to enlarge) Source

How about a box of eye balls! Using a fry box as a template, you can create this great take away! Source and tutorial

Have you seen these mummy dipped oreos yet? FANTASTIC! Candy eyes and white chocolate, add a stick and va-la! Instant amazing! Source

You can't have Halloween without candy corn! These are brownies! You can do this on just about any dessert - icing and sprinkles... yum! Source