Monday, December 13

Drink ideas....

too much going on today! here's a quick post on how to Frost your drink selections!

You know me and my burlap! I am not sure I am down with the sharing part... but I love the juxtaposition of the rustic burlap with the soft velvet ribbon! Source

Speaking of wine, I LOVE this "temporary etching" with a stencil, corn syrup and cinnamon! (or any fine spice or powder really) Source

Maybe something harder is more your style ;o)  Create a fun vodka station with jars (you can get from craft store for a buck!) filled with different items to use with the drinks! Source forgotten :o(

Create festive ice shot glasses! You can freeze just about anything inside the ice to add that little extra something! Just use a shot glass mold. Source

A fun alternative to regular shots are these strawberries filled with jello/daiquiri mix! I love that they are "rimmed" in sugar and the lime makes them extra cute! Source found via ediblecrafts



  1. Cute ideas! I especially love the strawberries!

  2. LOVE the vodka station (not a big drinker..but it looks FAB).

    I also am in love with the burlap 'labels' :)

  3. Oh my, those strawberry "shots" are adorable...and look Christmas-y enough by themselves.

  4. glad everyone is in the drinking spirit too! ;o)

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  5. Great ideas! Love the strawberry shots! I might need one at the end of this week :)

  6. Wow these all look amazing! I love the first and second most though! Gorg!

  7. Love the burlap wine covers! So cute!


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