Saturday, December 11

Shopping Saturday - lazy style...

ok, ya'll KNOW I LOVE to shop - but I have to admit, I hate shopping around the Holiday time.  Everything is crowed and everyone is in a hurry mode and always in my way! I literally did 80% of my Holiday gift shopping online! has free 2 day shipping right now so my instant gratification problem isn't hurt too bad ;o)  All my friends have wish lists on there - so CLICK and I am so done!

Here are some items I either want or bought during this Holiday season

I have this mold and I can't WAIT to make some spoons for the party! Trick is before the cookie totally hardens, lie on an empty paper towel roll or something to give it a curve - so fun!


Sorry cupcakes! Doughnuts are SO in! I really want this doughnut cutter! Well, my big thighs say no! but my mouth says be quiet! ;o)

Cupcakes might be out, but cake pops are still in! I love this cupcake pop mold! How clever! They would come out so professional!

I love cookie stamps, yet I only very little of them! I found this nature set that was right up my alley!

Mini desserts are perfect for any event - less guilt when you try ALL the desserts!

Well, hopefully my list inspires you to shop from your couch! I know my "to: Kim from: Santa" list keeps growing ;o)