Friday, December 10

Holiday inspiration: Snowflakes!

It snowed here today ALREADY! PEOPLE!!! I need just cold weather for a while before I am ready for snow... still recovering for all that shoveling last year!

Even though I am angry with you snowflake, I still love you ;o)

Hopefully you have seen this beautiful snowy tabletop! I can't decide if I love the snowflakes, or icicle edging better! Source

Simple details like a paper punched snowflake can be so beautiful! wanna go real crafty? Print out a snowflake, lay wax paper over it and trace with melted chocolate, let harden and get the same effect, but edible! Source

Simple, simple! Stamping on tissue paper wrapping candles for a decorative touch! You can also stamp your napkins and plates for that extra "Frosting" Source and tutorial

Continuing the stamping theme, look how adorable brown bags look with a simple white snowflake stamp! Source

Do this not look like a million dollars?!? These are from the cookie cutters that do the extra "holes" - if you don't do the extra decorations, at least fill the "holes" in with crushed clear candies (like jolly ranchers before baking and you'll get that stained glass look! Source



  1. Love the stained glass snowflake cookies!

  2. love the idea of snowflakes on the glasses..even better if you can eat them :)

  3. The stained glass cookies are are you going to make them for me?? LOL!


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