Wednesday, December 8

More Holiday inspiration/ideas...

I am trying to ramp up on what to serve at our gingebread building party and I really want to incorporate a lot of candy canes and red&white stripes so here are a few things that are inspiring me...

Love the candy canes in the bottles and the striped fabric in the back!  The little flags on the canes are killing me too! Source

These are SO on the list! How stinking clever! I love the little candy cane handles! Source

Are these not the most simple, yet clever and fantastic cupcakes?!? SO on the list! Source

Use candy cane sticks (you can get these at Walmart - I bought 5 boxes lol) to dress up any cake pop! (oh dang - anyone know the source? :o(

How delicious do these look?!? Peppermint marshmallows! I have had this recipe for years, it's time to make it! Source and recipe



  1. I can't even stand all of this cuteness! I love it all, especially those north pole cupcakes and the little adorable gingerbread men in the first picture. WOW!

  2. Love it!! Im doing a candy cane inspired party next week, Im def using these ideas.
    PS, I made those marshmallows as gifts last year...easy peasy and amazing in hot cocoa!

  3. LOVE the candy cane handles..

    and using them as a cake pop 'stick' - too cute!

  4. What is it that seems to make us all afraid of the "homemade marshmallow"??? LOL
    I finally got brave and made them. A few tips & ideas on my blog if you havent seen it yet Kim. They really are EASY and soooooo good OMGOSH! :)

  5. Are the candy canes not wrapped in plastic? Candy canes definitely don't look as pretty here because they are plastic wrapped because of the humidity over Christmas ):
    They are too gorgeous as the cup handles and cake pop sticks :)

  6. The "North Pole" cupcakes were already on my radar! Darling!

  7. Great roundup- these are all fantastic! I'm especially loving the adorable peppermint cupcake mugs!

  8. I love the girly pink undertones of candy canes.

  9. Love the North Pole cupcake. Everything looks perfect! So pretty!

  10. I love the North Pole cupcake - it's way too cute!!

  11. so glad everyone is with me on this one! I so need to get to making stuff! lol

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  12. The hot chocolaty looking cupcakes are too stinking cute not to make and pass out at the office for gifts. Peppermint marshmellows!!!! I'm in heaven, love peppermint and marshmellows. YUMMER!!!


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