Wednesday, December 8

More Holiday inspiration/ideas...

I am trying to ramp up on what to serve at our gingebread building party and I really want to incorporate a lot of candy canes and red&white stripes so here are a few things that are inspiring me...

Love the candy canes in the bottles and the striped fabric in the back!  The little flags on the canes are killing me too! Source

These are SO on the list! How stinking clever! I love the little candy cane handles! Source

Are these not the most simple, yet clever and fantastic cupcakes?!? SO on the list! Source

Use candy cane sticks (you can get these at Walmart - I bought 5 boxes lol) to dress up any cake pop! (oh dang - anyone know the source? :o(

How delicious do these look?!? Peppermint marshmallows! I have had this recipe for years, it's time to make it! Source and recipe