Wednesday, January 5

Tractor party ideas/inspiration

I always love posting little boy's themes because girls seem so much easier! I love what the following ladies have done to create fantastic Tractor themed parties! I have seen so many adorable John Deere fabric choices at our local JoAnn's Fabric store - they would definitely help you with this theme!

Here are the perfect invites for this party! Not only are the invites vintage-y and adorable - look at the envelopes! I am so in love... you can always win me over with kraft paper ;o)  Don't forget to at least stamp your envelopes if you don't get custom ones! Source

 So many adorable elements in this table setup! I love the cupcake  toppers, the fabric bunting - hello?!? adorable!, the rustic box for height (you know me and rustic!) and the cuts of matching fabric for favor mason jar tops just ties everything together! Source

This is one of the most clever cupcake setup I have ever seen!  Mini ones on the first tier for "dirt", then grass and a box decorated with the bday boy's name, then a simple tractor with minis on top - I love the one on the tractor! So adorable! Source

I'm a sucker for a balloon wreath! I love how they just chose 2 coordinating colors! Source (here's a tutorial on how to make one)

You could do these fun favors for this party or a bug party too! Gummy worms and chocolate chips! Source



  1. Love the tractor garland against the gingham tablecloth. Super cute!

  2. I love the balloon garland!
    I'm trying to decide what I want to do for the kid's party (in May) & you keep making my decision harder :)

  3. Oh my creative! I'm a mom of 2 boys so I can appreciate a good boy party when I see one : )


  4. The tractor theme is such a good idea! I love when you post ideas for boys' parties because, like you said, it's always harder to come up with something good for them. That cupcake display is awesome

  5. I love farm or country inspired boys parties... now I just need to borrow a boy to throw one for!! Very cute ideas!

  6. I follow a couple of blog feeds to keep up on ideas and trends for parties because I plan events for my job. I follow this one and I got so excited for these pictures that I told another lady that is an event planner and she was like, "Why would anyone have a tractor party?" To Which I explained "Because we live in Nebraska."

    So thank you Kim, I love it.

  7. I so love the gummy worms thing! That saying is too cute!


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