Monday, April 11

p.s.... magazine note

... a lot of people have been asking questions about my former business partner and so far I have been honoring her request to not mention her name in affiliation with the magazine.  She did turn in photo contributions to the magazine (specifically Easter - like below & the planting favors) before she left the project abruptly only days before the launch, but legally demanded that I not give credit or affiliate her with the magazine in any way.  However, I met this with VERY strong trepidation because I would never want to take credit from someone and have felt so uncomfortable to put this out with no credit for things I did not take pictures of.  So I am choosing to break my honor and silence of this request and let it be known that this is the case.   It is unfortunate how people chose to handle situations, but I feel that I did the right thing by finishing magazine work by myself to honor all of our wonderful sponsors, as well as honor all the sponsors ads that my former business partner asked to be removed (ads booked through her), as well as the over two months worth of hard work and dedication I put into this dream.

Thank you all for your support and my apologies for having to address this publicly.