Tuesday, November 29

Unique food bar ideas/inspiration

It's super rainy here today and I have a migraine to match the weather! EW! I wish I was feeling better to work off some of my Thanksgiving treats heehee... hope everyone is recovering from the holiday!

Here are some fun "food bar" ideas to incorporate into your next event...

Grill cheese can be fancy! Set out fancy cheeses and fresh ingredients for your guests to make a new take on a classic! Source 

YUM! Count me in on this cheese bar! Also... steal the idea of the labeled runners! Source

For your dessert option set up a popcorn bar with lots of seasoning and toppings! Source

 ...and S'mores are ALWAYS a perfect go to! When it gets too cold out, set up gel candles inside to roast your marshmallows and keep the fun going all year round! Source


Monday, November 28

Miscellaneous Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Did you get any holiday shopping done? Santa may have bought me a few things heehee...

Here are a few miscellaneous items from my party stash that might help inspire you...

Super easy and fun idea! Use mini letter cutters to create "thank you", names, etc - even add a little frosting when done and sandwich with a plain bottom to really show off! Source

How beautiful are these?! Make your own coordinating blowers for any event! Source and tutorial

Love decorating with photos... photo streamers would be so awesome! Source and tutorial


Saturday, November 26

Shopping Saturday!

Happy post Thanksgiving! Hope yours was fantastic! We totally did not participate in Black Friday craziness... did you? And it's time to buckle down and start preparing for Christmas! Whew!

Here are some local finds (at National chains) that might help you stash away for your next event!

Use these mini cones for your Construction themed party!  Use 4 as a base for a piece of wood or glass to create a serving stand, cut off tops and slide over bottom of table or chair legs or simply use for obstacle courses

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Teaching
Price: $1

Doing a Candycane theme for the holidays? These soda shop glasses are adorable! (could be used same ways as above)

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Holiday
Price: $1

 Pick these up for your knight themed party....

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Toys
Price: $1

 Snag these mirror ornaments and stash them for your Snow White, Ballet or Spa parties! These would make such fun favors or use vinyl transfer and write the invite on them! (wait for a sale ;o)

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Holiday
Price: $3.99

These guys aren't too Christmasy - so stash them away for your Dog themed party! Perfect size for favors or to hold treats at the party!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Holiday
Price: $1

Always keep your eyes open! These gift card holders would be the perfect invite for an Art party!  Just slide in a piece of paper with the invite where the gift card goes! Or take pics of the kids at the party, insert and send as a favor!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: By Registers
Price: $1.99

Stash these eye masks for a Spa party or girly sleepover! 

Found: Michael's
Section: Dollar aisle
Price: $1


Wednesday, November 23

Last chance for Thanksgiving! dessert inspiration!

OK, OK! I broke down... I am gonna cook a full turkey and fixing dinner tomorrow! Hope you all are relaxing before the big day of cooking and eating!

Here are some last minute dessert inspirations!

Flip the script on pies and cupcakes and put a mini pie ON a cupcake! Super fun! (even use store bought and combine!) Source

Steal some marshmallows from the sweet potatoes and dip them in caramel and then in nuts YUM! Source and tutorial

My FAVORITE recipe for this time of year - Pumpkin oatmeal white chocolate chip craisin cookies! We usually use craisin originals instead of the cherry kind but both are amazing! Source and recipe


Tuesday, November 22

Thanksgiving is almost here!

still torn on if I am cooking on Thursday! ...way to push the decision huh?! lol...

Here is some last minute Thanksgiving inspiration...

How fun would it be to make these mayflower dinner boats? Perfect for the kid's table! Source and tutorial

So want to make these cute brownie bite turkeys! Source and tutorial

How clever... she took a crafty idea (I actually featured the other day - here!) and turned it into an awesome pie topper! You could add to a bought pie and not feel too guilty ;o)  Source and tutorial

Don't just get filled on pie! Candy up some apples and add some Frosting touches for the holiday - perfect favor too! Source


Monday, November 21

Miscellaneous Monday!

Hey everyone! Hope you are off to a great start to the week!

Here's a few miscellaneous items from my party files to help inspire you for your next event...

Super cute idea for any birthday or event! string the doorway with crepe paper so the special someone has to break through...at any age! Source

Having a natural themed party? Follow this tutorial to weather your wood! I am SO doing this! Barn wood is impossible to find in my state! Source and tutorial

Trace words (with a layer of wax paper) with puffy paint, let dry and then glue to paper or canvas - you can use any color and trace anything to create inexpensive party props! Source and tutorial


Saturday, November 19

Shopping Saturday!

We JUST got back from our honeymoon - WOOT! So blogging should be back to a normal posting schedule! Thank you for all your kinds words and support during the wedding/honeymoon month!

On to Shopping Saturday! We were traveling so I haven't gotten much shopping in, but here are my finds at local, but National chains, that may help you stash for a future event!

Pick up this cutting board for your Football party...

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Kitchen
Price: $6.99

For a Game Night or Alice in Wonderland parties, stash away these chess pieces!

Found: Hobby Lobby
Section: Decorations
Price: $3.50 - $6.99 (sale)

I always recommend searching the ornament section for party stashing! For a Baby Bird theme, grab these guys!

Section: Christmas
Price: $9/$10

For any party you can always use another cake storage option! And for a buck?!? you can leave it behind at an attended event!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Kitchen
Price: $1.00

Cute favors for a Cars party...

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Christmas
Price: $3

Stash these chocolates for a Sports theme party...

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Christmas
Price: $1.00

A great theme for a winter party is Penguins! These super cute candies can be topped on cupcakes or given as favors.

Found: Wal-Mart
Section: Christmas
Price: $1.00


Thursday, November 17

Thanksgiving ideas/inspiration: Turkeys!

Are you guys still planning your Thanksgiving dinner? I know we are! To order out or not heehee...

Here are some cute Turkey ideas to add to your event or send in with the kids to school!

How cute are these turkey tins?! You could pre-cut the pieces and even have the kids put them together.  Source and tutorial

While you guys are laughing over food and wine... set up a large crafting station for the kids to keep them busy! Everything from paper bags to cups to premade forms can provide them with hours of fun.  Make up a few examples to give them inspiration.  Or leverage these ideas for the placeholders for the kids tables.  Source
Cookies and candy corn make up these adorable turkeys - add a little name tag and you can use as place cards! You could even color the end of one stick, put all the them into styrofoam and whichever guest pulls that one gets an extra gift to take home! Source

Pipecleaners and tulle make up these whimsical guys! Source and tutorial

What favors or activities do you guys have planned?

Monday, November 14

Pumpkin ideas/inspiration

Still can't get my pictures off my phone for Shopping Saturday! UGH! Sorry guys! Meanwhile... here are some fun pumpkin touches for your Autumn events (before winter sets in SOON!)

Have leftover lanterns from another event? Add a few touches to make them hanging pumpkins! Source

Super easy pumpkin marshmallows would be perfect bite sized treats! Source and tutorial

Never forget to carry your theme throughout your party space... use fabric or tissue paper to wrap toilet tissue into fun pumpkins! Source and tutorial

Form a cheese ball, use a knife to indent lines... and celery to create pumpkin cheese balls! Source unknown :o(


Sunday, November 13

Transit issues...

Sorry we have been traveling this weekend (honeymoon return ;o)  and having technical difficulties!  Hopefully back on tomorrow!

Friday, November 11

Tea Party ideas/inspiration

A great theme to get your girlfriends together is a fancy tea party! Check here for older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a tea party.

Print out invites on thick paper, tea stain them, add a string and tag for your invites! Source unknown :o(

 Glue together mismatched tea cups and saucers to create a whimsical serving stand! Source

You could serve a little snack with an upside cup and saucer... use cookie cutters to create a little peek-a-boo shape! Source

You don't have to be an experience icer for these... make teacup sugar cookies, ice, then use any stencil and food coloring! Think of the possibilities! Source