Sunday, September 23

Shopping Saturday...posted Sunday ;o)

Please forgive me for such bumpy posting! We have been going through a lot of a family - some great things and not so great, so thanks for hanging in there!

Here are a few things I peep on my shopping adventures at local stores, but National chains, that might help you stash for your next event.

Having a Video Game or Mario Brothers party? These drinks are perfect! Use 4 of them as base for a serving plate!

Found: 5 and Below
Section: Food/Drink
Price: $1.99

Having a Football party? These vintage inspired items really shine above any foam finger decor!

Found: Target
Section: Housewares
Price: Varies

Having a Wine Tasting (or great for any party to keep track of glasses)?  These metal cut glass tags are definitely my style!

Found: Target
Section: Housewares
Price: $7.99

If you child has a Winter bday... have a Winter Wonderland or Penguin theme! These sparkly guys would help set the tone for a sofisticated aproach to the theme.

Found:  JoAnn Fabrics
Section: Holiday
Price: $14.99 (use a 50% coupon!)

If you are planning a woodland or owl theme, you definitely need to stock up this time of year! How cute are these owl lollies!?

Found: ACMoore
Section: Baking
Price: $1.99

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