Monday, November 5

Fall party inspiration: Leaves

Does it feel more like winter at your house then Fall today?! brrrr...

If you have a Autumn party planned, why not add a little Fall Frosting with some leaves! (We don't have too many left after the hurricane, but it is still Fall even if it doesn't feel or look like it!).

How beautiful is this textured paper leaf wreath?! Not only would it be great on any door welcoming your party guests... lay it flat and put a serving platter in the middle for a beautiful centerpiece.  Use your embossing folders with leaf cutouts (I think you can find some pre-cut and embellished at the craft store).  Attach to foam or wooden wreath base...or Michaels may still carry the kit.  Source: Martha Stewart

Use old books to cut out leaf shapes and make festive garland! Source and tutorial

These plaster leaves would make great placecards, favor tags or just beautiful garland. Source and tutorial

Wanna get fancy and impress your guests?! Cut your lasagna pieces with a leaf cookie cutter! Source

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