Thursday, January 3

Winter theme: Snow/Snowflakes!

Following yesterday's snowman post, thought it was appropriate to follow-up with a snow/snowflake theme inspiration!

This is one of my fav finds lately! How beautiful is "snow tree"?! White spray painted jingle bells on a tree form with blue snowflakes! LOVE! Source and tutorial

Painted ends of soda bottles make pretty (and free!) snowflakes! String together to create garland! Source and tutorial

Scared of cookie decorating? These snowflakes are easy enough for anyone! Just icing and then coat with coarse sugar to make sparkly snowflakes for your guests! Source and tutorial

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous... these snowflake toppers are easier than you think! Print out snowflake designs and lay a piece of wax paper over - trace with white chocolate and let dry - this trick can work on any design! Source and tutorial

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