Monday, April 22

Happy Earth Day! ...and update

Thank you for your continued support while I don't blog very often :(   It was a VERY difficult week including dealing with unnecessary drama from people and trying to avoid pre-term labor :(  ...but happy to report, I made some really hard decisions that I think in the end will help keep me sane and healthy! So I'll leave you with a small piece of advice, surround yourself only with those that speak highly of you and you can speak highly of them.  Settle for no less! ....29 days to go!!!

Meanwhile... it's Earth Day!!! I am happy to do my part by working from home and saving the hour commute today! WOOT! Here are some fun ways to celebrate you can still pull off tonight...

Earth day cupcakes with a fun heart center!  Source and tutorial

White chocolate popcorn tree project... for faster execution tonight, have the kids draw the scene and only do the "leaves and apples" as edible. Source and tutorial 

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  1. Thanks for the update - take care of YOU! We will still be here - only 29 days to go!!!! Yippee!!!

  2. Less than a month and you'll have your sweet little boy! I'm so excited!

    <3 those earth cupcakes!

  3. Those trees remind me of Hi Ho Cheerio, my favorite game as a kid. Thanks for envoking happy memories. May you have many such happy memories with your little one who's almost here! Remember, it's a stressful time for all moms, sometimes full of tough decisions. Just breathe. You'll get through it, you're stronger than you know. The result is worth all the struggle.

  4. Bummer about the drama but glad to hear you didn't go into labor. YEah for you for saving the Earth by not commuting :)

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