Sunday, March 21

Alice in Wonderland

Ugh! Haven't slept well for two nights now! It's so beautiful out - maybe I just have Spring fever ;o)  Here is one of the requests listed during the giveaway.  I have a seen a lot of Alice stuff lately and saw the movie Friday - a bit weird, my jury still out ;o) I tried to cover the basic elements - some traditional, some more new movie... hope it inspires! (click on pic to see larger)

Hatter game:  How fun is this!?! Have kids "pin the clock" on the hatter!
Mushrooms:  Can't have an Alice party without them! Keep your eyes out at local garden stores, too
Wooden Characters:  I thought these were fab, but I have no painting talent - NONE (source unknown)
Alice cake box centerpiece:  Lovely etsy shop - cake box centerpiece based on new movie
Card cookies:  These would be a great addition - you could make these as jam sandwiches, too
Invitation:  This was one of my favs I found
Tablescape:  This party was so much fun looking!
Cupcake teacups:  Hello!?!? fantastic for a tea party too! Silicon cupcake baking cups!
Blue Caterpillar:  One of those crawl thru tunnels - put a bubble machine at the end (instead of hookah ;o)
Flamingo croquet:  If you don't go full plush route... just get some cheap plastic flamingos to play with!
Alice cupcakes:  You have to have cupcakes! I love they did the fat boys too lol
Cookie paper:  You buy the printed sugar paper, then you apply to a frosted cookie, va-la!
Drink Me bottles:  Drink Me and Eat Me should be on everything! so cute!