Friday, May 14

Cute as a Button Theme

I love gender neutral parties, especially when it comes to babies! A fun one is "cute as a button".  Here are some ideas to frost your next button party!  For those new to Frost Me! be sure to join the Facebook page to get an extra dab of frosting that complements each day's theme!

I have been craving cookies lately! Looking at the oven as we speak ;o)  These shortbread cookies would be such a great dessert or favor for the party (and yep, Lelan, you are eating one because you'll love my shortbread ;o)  Just cut round cookies and use a lid right right size to press and indented circle, next use a toothpick or skewer (depending on cookie size) to make the button holes, so easy! Source

Cut out small buttons out of craft paper and "sew" them on to the invites! You could then use some to make garland (either vertical or horizontal) and also for the thank you cards!  Source

Don't forget to decorate your envelopes when you mail! You could make one like the Source did or buy a stamp here

You could glue buttons on a runner, napkins, vases, towels - anywhere! I like how they did it just on the edges that draped down so it doesn't get in the way of anything on top.  You could do this with any theme - imagine gluing 3D paper butterflies all the way down the side of an inexpensive piece of fabric! Source via delightfulevents

How about adding buttons on wire to a potted plant! Perfect for the theme, and back to regular house plant after the party is done! Source and tutorial

Eco friendly favors are so in right now - how about these adorable plantable buttons! Source

And always a sweet ending... these adorable fondant buttons make the perfect cupcake topper! Source