Tuesday, May 11


I have been working on a secret custom Strawberry project I will get to show you later... but for now, here is a tease peek and some yummy strawberry dessert ideas!

tease peek..............


Strawberry sponge cake ice cream roll or a.k.a. YUM!!! and how cute are those spoons?!? You could really do this to match any color theme or just for a fun family night! Or if you have one of those nights where you need the entire thing yourself ;o)  Source and tutorial

Chocolate covered strawberries are good... but chocolate covered strawberries FILLED with cheesecake HELLO!?!  Count me in! Source, recipe and strawberry box

What a fun way to serve strawberries and a muffin or cupcake?  This would be so sweet to even hand out to neighbors or teachers too! Don't forget those that you often forget and surprise them with such an inexpensive, but thoughtful gift! Source

I posted these a while back, but I had to include them in this group too! I love these! Cake balls, strawberry and a dipped marshmallow! Delicious! Source unknown :o(