Thursday, June 10

Golf Theme Party

Guys themes always escape me... probably because we glam them all up and they don't appreciate the work, they just want steak and a beer for their bdays rofl... but I thought this one would be fun to do and there are plenty of women that adore golf too!, not so much, I am terrible at it! Give me put-put golf!

This invite is so dang cute! Astro turf, sandpaper and craft paper... You can make them a bit bigger and use them as serving platters! Source

This is another great invite option! I love the argyle! You could even use these as thank you notes (never forget to send one!) or as favor boxes too! Why not make huge ones and use them as signs throughout the party! Source

Use the turf as a table runner, add golf balls to vases and put fun "hole" flags around! Source

How about serve a golf themed cake on a round of turf?!? Source

I am a huge cookie fan! These would be a fantastic gift if you don't do it for a whole party! Source found via partydress