Wednesday, June 2

Ice cream Theme!

I can't believe there are 2 containers of ice cream that have survived over 2 weeks now in the freezer! I love the idea of an ice cream bar at any party - great for work parties, too! Or you could do a whole party theme around ice cream! Here are a few dabs of frosting for your next party!

How insanely fun does this ice cream themed tablescape look?!? One of the best ideas is the way they made the tablecloth look like ice cream drips! You could even do this with a cheap vinyl table cloth! And why not glue on some "jimmies" too! Source

You could do this popsicle display on a smaller scale at your next party - use tiered spice racks with ice underneath and create the same look! .... one of each please! Source found via imprintables blog

Every ice cream bar deserves a great assortment of toppings! These divided DIY paper containers will save you from finding a million dishes to serve it all up in! Source and tutorial

You could add these ice cream trucks as decorations or put an invite inside, or use as favor boxes... or all three! lol  DIY printables... Source

Use sprinkles in non-conventional ways to decorate! Use glue on card stock, kraft paper or empty toilet rolls, roll in sprinkles and let dry.  Add a ribbon and va-la! Use them around containers as a fun touch too! You could use sprinkles at the bottom of a vase or box (like you would rice or beans) to help cones stand up straight.  Source and tutorial found via gordongossip blog

You KNOW I love a fun cupcake! These would be a little sweat equity, but how dang cute!?!  Source

.... I am off to find the mint chocolate chip ice cream!!!