Tuesday, June 29

Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Theme!

One of my favorite books growing up and one I had the most fun sharing with kids in my life is The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I love the idea of using this (or any favorite book) as a party theme!

First, start off with an round circle invite that looks like a caterpillar! Source

Use green and red balloons to create hungry caterpillars everywhere! Source (amazon customer pic)

How fun is this fruit chandelier idea?!? Making apple swirls and fruit on string really make a fun addition to this theme! Source

Create sandwiches cut with a round cookie cutter, use a tomato for his head, cucumber for his feet and onion for his eyes! Source unknown

Serve up the foods that are in the book and if you have the time take a little hole out of each one (like the book!).  I would think the best way would be to use a round icing tip! Source

And of course - you have to do cupcakes! Source

Party add on!...
Grab these leaf plates - not only could you use as serving dishes, but use them as a back drop! A little double-side tape/string/etc and you could make a fun display! For an extra touch, add holes to the plates to even closer match the story! By here - link